Tobin Yelland Curates Zine - Shooting The Dragon

 After a stint in Asia for the House of Vans tour, here Tobin Yelland and Vans have developed a neat digital ‘zine with keepsakes from the trip, dubbed “Shooting The Dragon.” The master photographer worked with Angela Boatwright, Clint Woodside (of Deadbeat Club), Lele Saveri and a host of others around Hong Kong, Guangzhou, and parts of Korea, offering photography and screenprinting workshops for local youth. The unforgettable culture dive is encapsulated in this special online release. Check out the full version of the ‘zine over here.

Tobin Yelland In Hamburger Eyes show

Hamburger Eyes

15 Year Anniversary “CYBERNETICS

Opening Reception: February 5th, 7-10PM

Exhibition Dates: February 5 – December 11, 2015

50 + photographers will be exhibiting, including, but not limited to: John Oliver Hodges, Uri Korn, Brian David Stevens, Ray Potes, David Potes, Mark Murrmann, Megan Cullen, Michael Hernandez, Stefan Simikich, Ted Pushinsky, Dennis McGrath, Alex Martinez, Jai Tanju, Valerie Jocelyn Bower, Elmo Tide, Keith Sirchio, Oskie Mendoza, Andrea Sonnenberg, Michael Jang, Lele Saveri, Bill Daniel, David Uzzardi, Ben Gore, Daniel Arnold, Jesse Pollock, Kappy, Troy Holden, Luis Mendoza, Sean Maung, Jerry Hsu, KC Ortiz, Jason Jaworski, Ricky Adam, Ed Templeton, Deanna Templeton, Tobin Yelland, Bill Burke, and many many more.

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