Tobin Yelland: Photographer & Director

Nothing inspires me more than real life and passionate personalities. Especially people that are bold and fearless. Nothing and no one can stand in their way. What I want to capture most in my photography is the authenticity of the moment. Chasing stories, watching them unfold, capturing slivers of time. Each image telling a story of that person. It’s something that speaks to us all, stirring something deep within. 

 Tobin Yelland 


American Photographic Artists

IATSE 600 Unit Still Photographer


A24, ABC, Adidas,  Brighthouse Financial, Calvin Klein, Fender, Google, HBO MAX, HULU, Levi's, Nike, Nordstrom, RVCA, 

US Army, New York Times & Vans.

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917 282 6629       

Tobin Yelland

917 806 1001

“The key to shooting great stills is finding the right moment to capture, which tells a story in just one image.” - Tobin Yelland

Tobin’s early experience as skateboard photographer and cinematographer in the streets of San Francisco, had a great impact on his gift of capturing the decisive moment. As a member of the skate scene it came natural to Tobin to capture moments as he saw them; raw and real, with a twist of humor.

Tobin Yelland is a Los Angeles based IATSE local 600 photographer.

I began shooting stills with Another Day In Paradise staringJames Woods & Melanie Grifith Directed by Larry Clark. I then shot Bully staring Brad RenfroNick Stahl Michael Pitt Directed by Larry Clark. My next film was Love Liza starring Philip Seymour Hoffman & Kathy Bates Directed by Todd Louiso. While living in New York I shot Kill The Poor staring Clara Bellar and David Krumholtz and Directed by Alan Taylor. In 2018 I shot Mid 90's staring Katherine WaterstonLucas Hedges & Sunny Suljic and directed by Jonah Hill. In 2020 I shot is Bad Hair staring Vanessa WilliamsLaverne Cox & Elle Lorraine and directed by Justin Simien as well as C'MON C'MON staring Oscar Winning actor Joaquin Phoenix, Directed by Oscar Nominated Mike Mills.

Tobin Yelland IATSE 600 

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Solo Exhibitions:


"Mental", Book and Jobs Gallery with Antonius Dentcho, San Francisco


"Now and Then", The Hole Gallery, New York

“Too Cool For School”, Max Fish, Ny

“Skateboarders”, ESP gallery, San Francisco, Ca

“Tobin Yelland Photography”, MTV, New York Installation

Group Exhibitions:
“Beautiful Losers: Contemporary Art and Street Culture”, Contemporary arts Center, Cincinnati, Ohio; curated by Christian Strike and Aaron Rose; Travels to Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco, Ca; Orange County Museum of Art, Newport Beach; The Contemporary Museum, Baltimore, MD; The University of South Florida Contemporary art Museum, Tampa, FL; Fondazione La Triennale, Milan, Italy; Le Tri Postal, Lille, France, “Boys Behaving Badly”, Contemporary arts Museum, Houston

“Ugly Winners”, Galerie du Jour, Paris, France

Skate Culture The art of Skate Boarding , Contemporary art Center ,Virginia

“Scratch off The Serial”, Institute of Contemporary art, Philadelphia, PA 

“New photography”, Chance Operations Gallery, Denver, Co

“Untitled”, Knot Gallery, New york, NY
“Visionaire’s Exquisite Corps”, Carlton Arts Festival, Sao Paolo, Brazil

“Features”, Max Fish, New york 

Arkitip, Lausanne, Switzerland

“Disciplined and Vigilant”, The Luggage Store, San Francisco, Ca
“Tuff”, Dazed and Confused Gallery, London, UK
“Frenzy”, The Luggage Store, San Francisco, Ca
“Western photography Showcase”, 1026 Gallery, Philadelphia
“half Frame Show”, New Image Art, Los Angeles
“Thorn and Toad”, Chicago Underground Film Festival, Chicago, IL; Travels to Film arts Foundation, San Francisco, CA; New York Underground Film Festival, New York, NY; London Film Festival, London, UK; Edinburgh Film Festival, Edinburgh, Scotland

“Off The hook”, The Luggage Store, San Francisco

“Move 2”, New Image Art, Los Angeles, Ca

The Independents, Alleged gallery, New york, NY

“Culture is our Business”, Center for Contemporary photography, Melbourne, Australia “Sugar Mountain”, White Columns, New york, NY

“Dysfunctional”, Bluenote, London, UK
“The Salon Show”, Alleged Gallery, New York, NY

“The Happiest People in The World”, Alleged Gallery, New York, NY

SELECTED Filmography:1999
“Thorn and Toad”, director

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