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Tobin Yelland’s journey into photography started at 14 in the 80’s San Francsico skate scene. He was drawn to skateboarding through strong bonds with friends and because of the joy and independence it gave him. He skated and made photographs of the culture that surrounded him, honing his vision that would eventually turn him into the artist he is today. By the time he was 15 he had sold his first photos to a magazine, he then realized that photography was more than just a passion it could also be a career.  Photography became everything to Tobin, even more than skateboarding, as it offered him the ability to capture the world the way he saw it.

Tobin has shot movie posters and worked for many magazines including Hype Beast, Surfers Journal, New York Times and Huck. Tobin has shot campaigns for Fender guitars,Calvin Klein,RVCA,Levis and Vans. Tobin has been exhibiting his photography and film work worldwide for over 20 years including The Luggage Store, San Francisco, Deitch Projects,Thread Waxing Space,White Columns,New York, Institute for Contemporary Art, Philadelphia, and Dazed And Confused Gallery London, among others. Wether working on commercial or fine art projects Tobin finds an outlet for art and inspiration, an opportunity for growth, and a constant reminder that with hard work and perseverance anything is possible. 

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Tobin Yelland


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